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naoki-h asked: Hey! :) Your drawings are awesome!!! You draw Hisoka especially good, I love his expressions. ^-^ You are my favourite HxH artist. *-* (sorry I'm not asking anything, I just wanted to compliment you :))

Hey, I’m someone’s favorite artist?!

Do you think I draw the clown well? Maybe that’s because I draw him WAY too much O.o lol

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fandom-storm asked: Also, I wanted to ask, do you sell, or would you ever, sell prints or anything of some of your amazing art?

Haha If I only knew how to do that…T.T. 

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fandom-storm asked: I love your art! So super cute. You capture the character's personality so amazingly. <33333 You are one of my favorite artists now. :)

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izbous asked: hello! beacuse of your blog´s title, i was wondering, are you brazilian (portuguese speaker, whatever)? PS: your art is awesome!! your Hisoka is great >W<

Yesss! Sou BR sim XD

PS: Valeu >.<

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Precious Fruits~


(Felt a mighty need to do a follow forever thing on Hisoka, just because he’s sitting nicely on 50 followers ~ 50 little monsters following this evil, carnal, beast. Some side blogs mentioned who I follow, and some art blogs who obviously don’t follow but deserve a mighty kudos.

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Thank you sweetie ^^

Filed under I reblogged it with my main blog at first..dumb shit..I think there will be no drawings today folks :/ I'll try to do something to post tomorrow...

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nodamechi asked: Oh my god, you won't believe how much I love your art, it always always always makes my day a better day ahah! Please continue posting stuff, I particularly love your Hisoka and Illumi sketches, they are hilarious :)!

Thank you soo much!! I’m so happy that people like my stuff T.T. I’ll continue to post things yes but my vacations end TODAY…from tomorrow on idk how much I’ll be able to stay active :/ but worry not! I always find some time to think about stupid stuff to draw XD