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weareneverbroken6 asked: I love your art, its beautiful. I love the Hunter x Hunter art the best, especially the pieces that have Killua/Gon being creeped out by Hisoka. :D I look forward to seeing more of your work, your amazing!

Thanks *—-*

But hey! You like seeing those poor kids suffering?! What a terrible person you are! u.u says the one that loves to troll them the most XD

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longliveusbrats asked: To be completely honest, you're my all time favorite Hunter x Hunter artist! I seriously can't get enough of your stuff. Just wanted to drop by and tell you that you're amazing. Anyway, have a nice day! :)

I’m someone’s favorite artist?!

Do I deserve this kind of love?! T.T Thank you!

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nohisokastop asked: Most of my friends dont have tumblr, but they watch hxh so everytime they come over, we always go through your comics on the big screen and laugh hysterically. Theyre just so awesome! :D

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strangeryousee asked: *SCREECH* Baby Hisoka and Illumi are the best and you draw them wonderfully and and and .... I want more :3

Are you sure? I may do it you know…. XD

(Do I love this gif lol)

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finyb asked: Oh my gosh thank you for drawing child Hisoka and Illumi, they just look SO cute!! I love their clothes too! ^-^

I’ve managed to make something¬†cute?! And the clothes look¬†good?!

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amcraviotospeaks asked: Kid Illumi and Kid Hisoka fulfill so many of my headcanons. You don't even know.

Glad to be of service XD