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puyols asked: Yo, I tried to admire your art silently but oh god it's too flawless for me to shut up. It's pretty dazzling. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

Thank you for taking the time to see it XD

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marquis-de-leeches asked: Could you please give us links to your other blogs (personal blog, reblog blog or whatever)? :>

I have my personal blog..lots of random bullshit there XD. I have an OC blog too..but’s it’s been dead for quite some time…those poor OC’s of mine T.T

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hybridshadowz asked: Can I just say that your art is simply amazing and always brings a huge grin on my face? Oh and you inspire me to become an awesome artist like you ! (⌒▽⌒)

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dustscope asked: I just wanted to say that your hisoka x illumi drawings bring joy to my life. You're so talented! Love your art :)

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milesspooksworth asked: your art style is literally my favourite, I get really happy when I see your stuff on my dash so THANK YOU for drawing! ^^

The pleasure is mine ^^

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chikachikachoo asked: judging by your url... do you speak Portuguese?

Yess!! BR and proud HUAUSHAUSHAUHS \o/

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aixx3 asked: I love your art so much! Everything is always drawn so crisp and lovely! What program do you use to draw, and how many layers on average do you use?

Thanks!! I use Sketchbook Express for 99% of the time…about 3-4 layers just to not make a mess, but I could do it just fine with only one….it’s a really basic program really :)

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the-extremely-bad-thoughts asked: Are you a shipper of Hisoka and Gon?

Like..in a romantic way or something like that? Nah not a fan of it..I only like their interactions in general XD